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The One with Workbooks for Application Gateway WAF Triage

| Christof Claessens & Martin Pankraz |

Episode #48


In Episode #48 of the SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about Microsoft Digital examining SAP transactions with Azure Anomaly Detectors, securing connection to Azure, SAP Private Link Service for Azure in Beta, BTP free tiers, SAP API Business Hub, SAP Graph, Cross region replication using rsync, Power Platform fundamentals, video series on hyperautomation for SAP based integration with Power Automate, GitHub Actions and Power Platform and also GitHub Copilot. Then we have Christof Claessens & Martin Pankraz troubleshooting with us SAP Fiori & Web Application Gateway features. Using predefined workbooks identifying issues and solving them is just a few clicks away.

Video Index

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:40 Examining SAP transactions with Azure Anomaly Detector
  • 3:11 Secure Connectivity to SAP Cloud Services hosted on Hyperscaler
  • 4:22 SAP Private Link Service (BETA) is Available
  • 7:08 Exploring BTP’s New Free Tier Plans
  • 8:52 SAP API Business Hub
  • 9:51 DJ Hands-on: SAP Graph
  • 11:12 Cross-region data replication using rsync
  • 14:02 Power Platform Fundamentals
  • 14:42 Hyperautomation special video series for SAP based integration and automation with Power Automate
  • 16:02 New Power Platform features reinforce end-to-end security, management, monitoring, and compliance
  • 17:21 General Availability of GitHub Actions for Microsoft Power Platform
  • 18:21 GitHub Copilot
  • 21:25 Introduction Christof Claessens and Martin Pankraz
  • 23:04 Looking at Dennis Blog
  • 25:30 Taking a look at the demo
  • 28:12 Fixing CSS issues
  • 31:42 narrowing down to svg files
  • 34:40 correlating to Firewall Logs
  • 37:40 Update WAF policies
  • 41:29 Use workbooks to triage
  • 51:05 adding WAF routing rules