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SAP Deployment Automation via DevOps

| Michael Mergell | Kimmo Forss |

DevOps Deployment

Episode #75


In Episode 75 of the SAP on Azure Video Podcast we talk about a new SAP Private Link Landing page from Martin Pankraz, way to connect to other DBs on Azure via Private Link, Cloud Integration with Commerce Azure Blob Storage using REST API, How to install SAP systems in more than two cluster nodes, STMS Slowness during TR import in Windows Cluster Environment, the conclusion of the “Extracting SAP data using OData” series by Bartosz Jarkowski, Doosans collaboration with SAP and Microsoft on their SAP SuccessFactors and Teams integration and the Azure Friday episode on Extend your SAP applications and data to innovate on Azure. Then we have Michael Mergell and Kimmo Forss joining us to talk about using the SAP Deployment Automation Framework via DevOps.