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Migrating 100+TB Oracle to Azure

| Momin Qureshi | Anbu Govindasamy |

Oracle Migration

Episode #82


In episode 82 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about a blog post from Martin Pankraz on how to use currently non-supported Azure service with the SAP BTP Private Link Service, look at another example for Microsoft Teams and S/4HANA integration, how to use Logic Apps to reset SAP Passwords, Migrating from Azure Sets to Azure Zones, archiving resources groups to BLOB and two upcoming events from ASAPIO and DSAG. Then we are joined by Momin Qureshi and Anbu Govindasamy who talk about migrations of SAP systems that have 100+ TB of data to Azure. What questions do you need to ask? What do you need to consider from a compute, storage and network design? They talk about high availability and how to actually to the migration in a fast an efficient way.