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The One with the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

| Niels Ophey |

CAF Availability Zones

Episode #18


In the 18th episode of our unofficial SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about ASUG’s Conversation with SAP CEO Christian Klein, New SAP HANA Certified Memory-Optimized Virtual Machines, How to choose correct Availability Zones for SAP Application cross-zone deployment, Azure Backup for SAP HANA databases supporting Incremental backups, New Steps to “Defend Your Data” and with Niels Ophey about Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

Video Index

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:49 ASUS Discussion with Christian Klein
  • 2:07 New SAP HANA Certified VMs
  • 4:05 Choose correct Availability Zone
  • 4:59 Azure Backup for SAP HANA
  • 7:09 New Steps to Defend Your Data
  • 10:44 Niels Ophey - Cloud Adoption Framework
  • 15:35 Cloud Adoption Framework guidance
  • 20:06 What’s new
  • 20:24 Ready - Landing Zones
  • 22:26 Well architected landing zone
  • 29:17 Best practices
  • 31:18 Example Migration
  • 43:40 CAF on Channel 9