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Storage options with SAP on Azure

| Siddhartha Rabindran |

Storage Infrastructure

Episode #129


In episode 129 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about ANF Backup, DB2 Installations on ANF, HA deployment with File Share running on Windows failover to DR region using ASR, a new blog post series on Event Drive Architectures between SAP and Microsoft, OpenAI and Microsoft Extending their Partnership, Interviews in Davos with Satya Nadella and Christian Klein, Garnter Magic Quadrants for iPaas and Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms, SAP and Power Apps use cases, Private Link with Azure Cosmos DB and SAP S/4HANA app for Microsoft Teams.

Then we have Siddhartha Rabindran joining us to talk about the different storage options on Azure. Ranging from standard discs to Azure NetApp Files - not everything is certified and supported to run your productive workload on Azure. Sid provides us with a great overview and talks about the benefits of each offering.

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