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The one with Azure Cloud Excellence for SAP

| Vinita Ananth | Shibli Subhani |

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Episode #85


In episode 85 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about the recent announcement that Microsoft selects RISE with SAP to drive business innovation, we look back at one year with RISE with SAP and the expanded partnership from a blog post from Joao Couto, outline how you can connect your SAP NetWeaver system to Exchange Online, look at backup and recovery guides with AzAcSnap for HANA and Oracle and finally look at a new offering from the partner all for one integrating SAP and Microsoft solutions. Then we have Vinita Ananth & Shibli Subhani joining us talking about the customer solution and incubation team and their role within Microsoft. They highlight a few key customer projects, customer journeies, talk about ACES, the Azure Cloud Excellence for SAP program and also provide an outlook of what comes next.