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Deep dive on Azure policies for SAP authentication

| Martin Pankraz | Will Eastbury |


Episode #90


In episode 90 of the SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about a new video from Martin Merdes on how to save costs using the RGCOPY tool, auto-rotation in Azure Key Vault, partnering with Lemongrass for SAP migration to Azure, the agenda session builders for SAPPHIRE and DSAG Technologietage and the upcoming Integrate 2022 conference. Then Martin Pankraz & Will Eastbury join us to take a closer look at how to use Azure API Management with Principal Propagation to SAP. Starting with an OData services from an SAP System, creating an OpenAPI specification with optional SAP specific parameters, adding policies for OAuth authentication and other SAP specific features. In a final step a custom connector is created to call the OData service from Power Automate.