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Cloud Infrastructure Security

| Paul Edlund |

Security Defender

Episode #111


In episode 111 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we look at Cameron Gardiner “SAP on Azure General Update August 2022”, see how the SAP BTP Destination Service can be used to connect to services from Azure, look at SAP Process Automation and how it can connect to Outlook and Excel and deep dive on some SAP related announcements done during the Power Platform Conference this week. The new SAP Connector that was announced there, not only comes with new capabilities, but also with a set of predefined templates for Power Apps and Power Automate which for example allow you to quickly create a Purchase Order app.

Then we continue to talk about security. Going up the stack talking about physical security in our datacenters, we now look at way on how to protect the workload and infrastructure using Privileged Identity Management and Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Paul Edlund joins us again to walk us through whiteboards and demos.

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