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The One with the automated SAP system deployment

| Michael Mergell |

DevOps Infrastructure

Episode 46


In Episode #46 of the SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about Microsoft Digital optimizing SAP and using Telemetry and Monitoring information, moving to SAP SuccessFactors and Integration Patterns, the launch of new data center region in Arizona, additional free services for Azure, cross region restore for SAP HANA, implementation of geodes pattern with S/4, BTP and CosmosDB, Azure Static Web Apps and the SAP on Azure Talk Podcast. Then Michael Mergell talks about an easy way to deploy a new SAP HANA system from scratch leveraging Azure DevOps within minutes.

Video Index

  • 0:00 Intro-
  • 1:37 Optimizing SAP for Azure
  • 4:03 Telemetry and monitoring with SAP on Azure
  • 5:20 Microsoft Moves HR to the Cloud with SAP SuccessFactors
  • 6:21 SAP SuccessFactors Integration Patterns
  • 8:02 Microsoft launches its sustainable datacenter region in Arizona
  • 9:40 Five more free services available with an Azure free account
  • 10:47 Cross region Restore of SQL/SAP HANA running in Azure VM
  • 12:36 implementation of the geodes pattern with S4, BTP and Azure CosmosDB
  • 15:07 Azure Static Web Apps
  • 16:21 SAP on Azure Talk - Ep 12: Cloud Cost optimization
  • 17:48 Introducing Michael Mergell
  • 21:04 Demo & Trigger SAP HANA deployment
  • 25:55 How is it done?
  • 27:45 Prerequisites
  • 31:44 Deploy the HANA VM
  • 33:47 Setup the repo & pipelines
  • 36:51 SAP installation files
  • 41:38 SAP Deployment Automation Framework
  • 44:50 Results