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The one with SAP workloads sizing on Azure

| Trond Stroemme |

Infrastructure Operations

Episode #69


In Episode 69 of the SAP on Azure Video Podcast we talk about SAP TechEd news from the Microsoft, side, the SAP deployment automation framework for Azure, Microsoft Sentinel for SAP, Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions, Switching SBD Devices for SLES pacemaker clusters, Part 2 of the extracting SAP data using OData series and an upcoming webinar on Power Platform & Neptune Software. Then we have Trond Stroemme joining us talking about sizing SAP workload on Azure, best practices, tips & tricks and finally showing us the SAP on AZure Pricing calculator.

Video Index

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:25 New from SAP TechEd from Microsoft Side
  • 2:45 SAP deployment automation framework
  • 3:36 Azure Sentinel
  • 4:30 Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions
  • 6:19 How to switch SBD Devices for SLES Pacemaker
  • 7:22 Extracting SAP data using OData - Part 2
  • 8:45 Webinar Power Platform & Neptune Software
  • 10:20 Introducing Trond Stroemme
  • 11:52 Sizing SAP Workload on Azure
  • 25:01 Tips & Tricks
  • 32:45 Costs: PAYG vs Reserved Instance
  • 37:05 SAP on Azure Pricing Calculator