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Physical Security @ Microsoft

| Paul Edlund |

Security Datacenter

Episode #108


In episode 108 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about porting your legacy SAP middleware flows to cloud-native PaaS solutions,Inbound and outbound internet connections for SAP on Azure, High availability solutions on Microsoft Azure by SLES for SAP Applications, deploying SAP Dialog Instances with SAP ASCS/SCS high availability VMs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a new hands on workshop for SAP, Data and AI and All Things SAP on Azure with Azure Net Apps Files with SAP.

Then we have Paul Edlund joining us. Paul is doing lots of data center tours and provides a fascinating insight into the phyiscal security of Microsoft Azure datacenters. How do you get in an Azure Datacenter, who are the folks working there, what’s a region and why is nothing labeled in a DC? What about Separation of Duty or what are RED and BLUE teams doing? In the end “your data is our problem” and we invest a lot to make sure that you can run your SAP on Azure systems in a most secure way!

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