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Updates on Microsoft Sentinel for SAP

| Yoav Daniely | Koby Mymon | Aaron Hillard |

Episode #81


In Episode 81 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we continue to talk about the SAP SuccessFactors and Teams integration blob post series by Martin Frick, highlight a blog post on Understanding Token Exchange of OAuth 2.0 with Carlos Roggan, look at how to import SAP OData services in Azure API Management using an OData metadata converter to OpenAPI by Martin Pankraz and Will Eastbury, how to connect Power BI to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud by Rangesh T K B, talk about the latest announcement to run SAP workload on Windows 2022, look at SAPPHIRE 2022 events across the world and then look at Microsoft Sentinel for SAP: a dedicated Partner Airlift now available on YouTube, a FastTrack for Azure Live webinar and how Microsoft Digital is using Microsoft Sentinel to protect SAP workload. For this we have Yoav Daniely and Koby Mymon from the Microsoft Sentinel product group and Aaron Hillard from Microsoft Digital joining us.