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The one with Bicep and looking at CEE

| Jan Tretina |

Community Infrastructure

Episode #71


In Episode 71 of the SAP on Azure Video Podcast we talk about productive SAP S/4HANA Deployments using the SAP Cloud Appliance Library, a scenario with SAP events sent to Azure, part 3 and 4 of the data extraction series using OData and take a look at the ABAPConf. Then we have Jan Tretina joining us from the Central Eastern Europe region talking about customers, partners and challenges in this region. He then shows us how to deploy an SAP system using Azure Bicep.

Video Index

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:01 CAL Deployment
  • 2:22 Eventing with SAP
  • 4:45 OData Extraction
  • 5:40 ABAPConf
  • 7:36 Introducing Jan
  • 12:05 Looking at CEE
  • 16:28 Challenges in CEE
  • 25:40 Working with partners
  • 34:15 SAP HANA Deployment with Bicep