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The One with predicting Cashflow

| Bart Delanghe & Thijs Zandvliet |

Episode #49


In Episode #49 of the SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about yet another blog post about the new SAP Private Link service for Azure, Sending Notifications from BTP applications to the SAP Fiori Launchpad, deploying SAP IQ NLS HA solutions using Azure shared disks on Windows server, link collection for SAP on Azure, upcoming session about ABAP, Past Present and Future and updates of the famous Azure Charts. Then we have Bart Delanghe & Thijs Zandvliet showing us an SAP Microhack about CashFLow Predictions using Cosmos DB, Synapse, Azure Machine Learning & Power BI that you can easily build yourself following the detailed tutorial on GitHub.

Video Index

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:06 Azure and BTP private link
  • 3:24 Notifications in BTP
  • 4:37 SAP IQ NLS HA Solution
  • 8:18 Links for SAP on Azure
  • 9:19 ABAP - Past, Present & Future
  • 10:04 Azure Charts
  • 11:25 Intro Bart and Thijs
  • 13:04 Intoduction of the scenario
  • 14:35 Architecture
  • 16:26 Demo setup
  • 18:47 Power BI & ML
  • 26:06 ML & Power BI
  • 28:53 Walk through MicroHack