SAP & Microsoft Defender

| Ankit Garg | Gopalakrishnan Krishnan | Cameron Gardiner |

Episode #190

SAP recommends to use anti virus software. Microsoft Defender can also work with SAP to help you out!

Azure DDoS Protection for SAP workloads

| Evren Buyruk | Amir Dahan |

Episode #150

Protecting your Azure workload from DDoS attacks

Updates on Sentinel for SAP

| Yoav Daniely | Yossi Hasson | Martin Pankraz | Sebastian Ullrich |

Episode #140

Updates from Sentinel for SAP, featuring integration with SAP BTP and Teams via Logic Apps

Securing SAP with Azure Services

| Evren Buyruk |

Episode #125

Security Optimized Deployments of SAP on Azure.

Ransomware and Back to Business

| Sebastian Ullrich | Martin Steiner |

Episode #122

Summary it's not if, but when you will be impacted by a security event. How can you get back to business more quickly.

Cloud Infrastructure Security

| Paul Edlund |

Episode #111

The second security focused episode focusing this time on Cloud Infrastructure Security

Physical Security @ Microsoft

| Paul Edlund |

Episode #108

First episode focusing on Security @ Microsoft. In this episode we talk about Physical Security @ Microsoft

The one with Kerberos authentication and Azure NetApp Files

| Ralf Klahr |

Episode #84

Using Kerberos for authentication with Azure NetApp Files

Updates on Microsoft Sentinel for SAP

| Yoav Daniely | Koby Mymon | Aaron Hillard |

Episode #81

The One with Workbooks for Application Gateway WAF Triage

| Christof Claessens & Martin Pankraz |

Episode #48

The One with the Analyzing Security Threats in SAP

| Yoav Daniely | Koby Mymon |

Episode #47

The One with the Zero Trust for SAP

| Evren Buyruk |

Episode #38