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The One with the Check tool for SAP on Azure

| Philipp Leitenbauer |

Checktool Monitoring

Episode #20


In the 20th episode of our unofficial SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about SAP TechEd, new data analytics tools, Using Azure Application Firewall WAF with SAP Fiori, Azure performance tiers for managed disks and learn all about the new Quality Check for SAP on Azure from Philipp Leitenbauer.

Slides from the session

Video Index

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:45 SAP TechEd
  • 3:43 New data analytics tools
  • 6:25 SAP ERP Data in Common Data Model
  • 8:39 Application Gateway WAF for SAP Fiori
  • 11:44 Performance tier for managed disks
  • 20:59 Philipp Leitenbauer - Azure Quality Check for SAP
  • 22:06 Quality Check v1
  • 23:19 What is checked
  • 25:00 Live demo on RedHat
  • 28:30 Live demo on SUSE
  • 32:20 Ideas for v2