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SAP on DB2

| Peter Kalan |

DB2 Database

Episode #112


In episode 112 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about new regions for Azure NetApp Files and cross-region replication, Hybrid work and the impact also to Viva, the Kusto Detective Agency, SAP TechEd and Single Sign-On and a new webinar series from DSAG and Microsoft.

In previous episodes we already talked about running SAP on HANA, running SAP on Oracle and best practices. But obviously HANA and Oracle are not the only databases that customers can use running SAP on Azure. There is Microsoft SQL Server, ASE and of course DB2. So today we have the pleasure to have Peter Kalan joining us to talk about SAP on DB2 on Azure! Learn about High available and Disaster recovery, backup and restore with DB2 on Azure.

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