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Updates on Sentinel for SAP

| Yoav Daniely | Yossi Hasson | Martin Pankraz | Sebastian Ullrich |

Security BTP Logic Apps

Episode #140


In episode 140 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about Azure Automation support for PowerShell 7.2, Support for Linux clients to use identity-based access to Azure file shares over SMB, SAP Cloud Identity Services offered as Trial Version, Demystify Single Sign-On on Server Side for SAP RISE Customers and Azure Logic Apps’ New Data Mapper for Visual Studio Code (Preview).

Then we talk about Security: Next to AI, Security is one of the most important topics in the discussions with my customers at the moment. With the “Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP applications” we also have an offering to help protect your SAP systems. It even got certified for RISE with SAP recently.

Yoav and Yossi from the Sentinel Product group and Sebastian and Martin who worked on some nice extensions for Sentinel and SAP join us to today to provide an updates on the latest development and show us demos on SAP Business Technology Platform and Sentinel and automatic user-locking with Teams.

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