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The one connecting RISE with SAP on Azure

| Robert Biro |

RISE with SAP Network

Episode #88


In episode 88 we highlight a few upcoming webinars: the Microsoft Security Summit, Securing SAP Transformation on AZure and RISE with SAP on Azure and Intel. Then we have Robert Biro joining us to talk about connecting RISE with SAP on Azure with existing Azure workload.

Over a year ago SAP announced the RISE with SAP offering. At Microsoft we have seen quite a few customers in the recent months selecting RISE with SAP on Azure. The recent DSAG survey however showed, that there is still a lot of skepticism and uncertainty about RISE with SAP. Then a few weeks ago Microsoft announced that we would also select RISE with SAP – further enhancing the Azure specific integrations which also other customers will benefit from.

Robert walks us through the document Integrating Azure with SAP RISE managed workloads which helps customers get started with connecting their existing workload with RISE with SAP on Azure.