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The one demoing the SAP deployment automation framework

| Jennifer Hajduk | Pankaj Meshram |

Infrastructure Deployment

Episode #86



In episode 86 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about the DSAG Investment Report 2022, an upcoming webinar with Fast Track Azure Live on Connecting and Integrating with RISE, phasing out Red Hat Gluster Storage, SQL Server Always On, a hitchhiker’s guide to ​Microsoft Teams and SAP Integration by Robert Boban and Martin Pankraz, the Microsoft Datacenter Tour - Virtual Experience, SAP’s 50th Anniversary and Microsoft Build. Then we have Jennifer Hajduk and Pankaj Meshram joining us to talk about the SAP deployment automation framework on Azure. Jennifer has created an end-to-end video walking us through the full process: starting from nothing but an Azure subscription to having a productive SAP system.