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The one with Azure API Management, OData and Principal Propagation

| Martin Pankraz |

Integration SSO APIM

Episode #63


In Episode 63 of the SAP on Azure Video Podcast we talk about Microsoft Ignite, SAP TechEd, new public preview features of Azure NetApp Files, Azure Availability Zones in South Africa and Korea and Azure Files SMB support for ASCS. Then Martin Pankraz joins us to talk in detail about his latest blog post using Azure API Management to connect to OData services using Principal Propagation to the SAP system.

Video Index

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:55 Microsoft Ignite
  • 3:25 SAP TechEd
  • 5:19 Public Preview - ANF network features
  • 6:18 ANF Backup
  • 7:22 AZ in South Africa & Korea Central
  • 8:20 ASCS supported for Azure Files SMB
  • 13:14 Introducing Martin
  • 15:35 Whiteboarding the architecture
  • 27:17 Looking at the blog post
  • 34:13 Demo Expose the API
  • 43:02 Consume the API