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The one with Networking and Security tools for SAP

| Evren Buyruk |

Networking Security

Episode #72


In Episode 72 of the SAP on Azure Video Podcast we talk about the new Resource Group Copy tool for SAP solutions, Updates in Microsoft Sentinel for SAP with lots of new workbooks, Immutable Storage for Blob storage now GA, availability zones in the India central region, restore points for virtual machines, updates to Azure Files NFS v4.1 and Log4J. Then we celebrate Evren Buyruk’s birthday in an episode focusing on Microsoft Networking and Security tools for SAP like Azure DDoS protection, Azure Firewall, Azure Application Gateway and Azure Sentinel.

Video Index

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:18 Resource Group Copy for SAP
  • 3:03 Microsoft Sentinel
  • 5:04 Immutable Storage for Blob Storage
  • 7:51 India Central Availability Zones
  • 10:19 VM restore point
  • 12:45 Updates to Azure Files
  • 14:31 Log4j
  • 16:25 Introducing Evren Buyruk
  • 18:00 Agenda
  • 19:55 SAP on Azure December 2021 Updates
  • 25:00 Security challenges with SAP
  • 27:44 Cloud based security controls for SAP on Azure
  • 33:25 Azure Security Tools and Functions
  • 44:04 Customer requirements for DDoS Protection Enablement
  • 50:20 Azure DDoS Standard
  • 55:54 Customer requirements for Firewall Service
  • 57:41 Azure Firewall As-a-Service solution
  • 1:00:00 Azure Application Gateway As-a-Service
  • 1:06:33 47 Customer requirements for SAP threat monitoring
  • 1:07:19 SAP threat monitoring solution with Azure Sentinel