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The one with Azure Synapse and OData

| Bartosz Jarkowski |

Data Synapse

Episode #55


In Episode 55 of the SAP on Azure Video Podcast we talk about BTP High availability setups, resizing peered Azure virtual networks, GitHub Codespaces, Logic App & SAP and look at using Azure NetApp Files for the SAP Global transport directory. Then Bartosz Jarkowski introduces us to his latest blog post series on the SAP Community Network about using OData services with Azure Synapse Pipelines. He is even doing a live publication of his latest episode: Part 6 – Introduction to delta extraction.

Video Index

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:05 BTP for High Availability
  • 2:46 re-size Azure virtual networks
  • 3:50 GitHub Codespaces
  • 6:18 Logic Apps & SAP
  • 9:07 Codepace for GitHub
  • 10:33 SAP Global transport directory using ANF in Azure
  • 11:41 Introducing Bartosz
  • 12:34 Synapse Piplines and OData Blog Post series
  • 18:04 Handling large data with OData
  • 24:30 Filter and Select data
  • 25:02 delta extraction
  • 27:38 Outlook to series final
  • 29:56 Demo (reference to Marius)
  • 38:37 Learning from Failures