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Using SAP CDC via SLT

| Manish Shah |

Data ADF

Episode #137


In episode 137 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about an upcoming CAP and Cosmos DB Hackathon, news of Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Security Copilot, Reference architecture of an SAP BTP CAP application using GPT Models of OpenAI, 30 Days Of Azure AI and SAP CDC Connector and SLT - Part 2 - Initial Configuration by Bartosz. Then we welcome Manish Shah with us. One of the most popular topics at the moment is how to work with data from SAP in a Microsoft context. SAP Datasphere was recently announced by SAP and one of the key integration points was with Databricks which also is used by lots of customers on Azure. From a Microsoft side we recently released the SAP CDC Connector for Azure Data Fatory and Synapse which uses the ODP framework to integrate with SAP data. To make the integration with the ODP framework even more powerful, customers can use the SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Service (SAP SLT) which integrates with the ODP services and enables direct access to SAP tables. These tables are constantly monitored and changes are recorded and can be made immediately available to Azure. Manish introduces us to the topic and shows an end-to-end demo.

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