Moving to Flexible Virtual Machine Scale Set

| Goran Condric |

Episode #175

Looking at scenarios for moving your SAP Systems to Flexible Virtual Machines Scale Set

Wrapping up 2023

| Jürgen Thomas |

Episode #173

Looking back at SAP and Azure in 2023 with Jürgen Thomas

Premium v2 storage

| Peter Kalan | Anbu Govindasamy |

Episode #166

We cover everything around Premium v2 storage

Configuration Editor with SAP Deployment Automation Framework

| Kimmo Forss | Hemanth Chowdary Damecharla |

Episode #165

Updates on how to deploy an SAP System using the AP Deployment Automation Framework

VMSS Flex for SAP

| Ralitza Deltcheva | Dennis Padia |

Episode #155

Using VMSS Flex for easier high availability running SAP on Azure

HANA scale-out N+N Architectures

| Abbas Ali Mir | Momin Qureshi |

Episode #147

Closer look at N+N HANA scale-out scenarios

MaxDB HA on Windows Cluster

| Steffen Müller |

Episode #146

Steffen Müller walks aus through the setup process of MaxDB HA on Windows Cluster

GA and Updates of Azure Center for SAP Solutions

| Kalyani Namuduri | Aron Stern |

Episode #145

GA of Azure Center for SAP Solutions

Updates on HA with SAP on Azure

| Ralitza Deltcheva |

Episode #141

Updates on HA with SAP on Azure

Storage options with SAP on Azure

| Siddhartha Rabindran |

Episode #129

We take a closer look at the different certified storage options for SAP on Azure

Oracle ASM configuration

| Cameron Gardiner |

Episode #128

Detailed walk-through on how to setup Oracle AMS

Disaster Recovery Guidelines for SAP Workload

| Dennis Padia |

Episode #126

How to setup your SAP environment for Disaster Recovery

Ransomware and Back to Business

| Sebastian Ullrich | Martin Steiner |

Episode #122

Summary it's not if, but when you will be impacted by a security event. How can you get back to business more quickly.

Sustainability aspects with Microsoft

| Paul Edlund |

Episode #116

A fantastic insight in Microsofts Datacenter strategy with a focus on sustainability.

Azure Center for SAP Solutions

| Aron Stern |

Episode #110

Making Azure SAP aware - Azure Center for SAP Solutions

SAP on Oracle in Azure

| Sambit Mishra |

Episode #107

Samit Mishra is joining us to continue our focus on SAP on Oracle on Azure. What are the supported versions, what is part of the assessment, general and compute considerations like licensing or zone deployments and Oracle storage design recommendation.

SAP on Oracle on Azure - Updates and Best Pratices

| Cameron Gardiner |

Episode #105

Cameron Gardiner is joining us to talk about the latest best practicies to run your SAP on Oracle system on Azure.

SAP on Azure for regulated industries

| Ben Lennon | John Sommer |

Episode #94

The one with the AzSAP Assessments

| Etienne Dittrich | Jitendra Singh |

Episode #87

The one demoing the SAP deployment automation framework

| Jennifer Hajduk | Pankaj Meshram |

Episode #86

The one with Bicep and looking at CEE

| Jan Tretina |

Episode #71

The one with SAP workloads sizing on Azure

| Trond Stroemme |

Episode #69

The one with Enterprise Scale for SAP on Azure

| Prasad Gandham | Andrew Guild |

Episode #66

The one with the SAP on Azure DNS integration

| Konstantin Popov | Evren Buyruk |

Episode #64

The one with Terraform & Ansible deployments

| Morgan Deegan | Kimmo Forss |

Episode #52