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Oracle multi-volume performance with Azure NetApp Files

| Geert van Teylingen |

ANF Oracle

Episode #154


In episode 154 of our SAP on Azure video podcast we talk about Automated registration of SAP systems at scale with Azure Centre for SAP solutions, Private Preview for DR for Shared Disks with Azure Site Recovery, SAP OData APIs via Azure API Management and link it with Azure Static Web App, Manufacturing Ontologies - with SAP, availability of ABAP Platform Trial and Warmest Welcome to our new SAP Champions!

Then we take a look at Azure NetApp Files. We mainly talk about this in the context of SAP HANA on Azure. But as we briefly touched early as well, ANF also plays a huge role with Oracle workload. So today we want to take another look at updates on Azure NetApp Files, what’s new with “ANF and SAP HANA” and then look at large scale deployments with Oracle on Azure. For this I am happy to have Geert with us again on the show.

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