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Episode #1 - The First One

| Holger Bruchelt, Goran Condric, Robert Boban |


Episode #1


We are trying out something new. In regular updates we want to provide an overview of what’s new in the SAP on Azure ecosystem. In this very first episode we talk about new VM sizes for SAP on Azure, learn about new storage features and shared disks, Azure Monitor for SAP Hana and quickly look at principal propagation from Microsoft Azure to the SAP Cloud Platform. Check out our first episode!

Video Index

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:22 New VM Types certified for SAP
  • 6:15 Storage Bursting features
  • 10:28 Shared Disks
  • 15:05 Azure Monitor for SAP solutions
  • 16:18 SSO / Principal propagation AAD & SCP
  • 18:33 Microsoft Inspire