Oracle multi-volume performance with Azure NetApp Files

| Geert van Teylingen |

Episode #154

Update on ANF and Oracle database performance on Azure NetApp Files

Oracle ASM configuration

| Cameron Gardiner |

Episode #128

Detailed walk-through on how to setup Oracle AMS

Working with Oracle and ANF

| Kellyn Gorman | Geert van Teylingen |

Episode #115

Go deep in Oracle analysis and updates on Azure NetApp Files

SAP on Oracle in Azure

| Sambit Mishra |

Episode #107

Samit Mishra is joining us to continue our focus on SAP on Oracle on Azure. What are the supported versions, what is part of the assessment, general and compute considerations like licensing or zone deployments and Oracle storage design recommendation.

SAP on Oracle on Azure - Updates and Best Pratices

| Cameron Gardiner |

Episode #105

Cameron Gardiner is joining us to talk about the latest best practicies to run your SAP on Oracle system on Azure.

Migrating 100+TB Oracle to Azure

| Momin Qureshi | Anbu Govindasamy |

Episode #82

Momin Qureshi and Anbu Govindasamy talk about migrations of SAP systems that have 100+ TB of data to Azure. What questions do you need to ask? What do you need to consider from a compute, storage and network design? They talk about high availability and how to actually to the migration in a fast an efficient way.