Printing from SAP with Microsoft Universal Print

| Devansh Jain | Martin Pankraz |

Episode #189

Printing from SAP with Microsoft Universal Print

Webshop of the City of Zurich

| Holger Schäfer |

Episode #181

Combining SAP BTP and Azure services for the Webshop of the City of Zurich

Steampunk on Azure

| Frank Jentsch | Martin Pankraz |

Episode #152

SAP Business Technology Platform ABAP Environment, or Steampunk on now available on Azure

Azure Open AI and SAP S/4HANA

| Chan Jin Park |

Episode #138

First examples of using Azure OpenAI with SAP

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) & Teams

| Zoltan Farkas | Zoltan Miklos Biro |

Episode #136

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Tasks Integrated with MS Teams

SAP Business One

| Richard Duffy | Moshe Nachman |

Episode #134

Taking a look at SAP Business One

Hands-on workshop integrating SAP and Microsoft

| Karl Kessler | Harish Bokkasam | Martin Pankraz | Bart Delanghe |

Episode #132

Talking about a hands-on workshop to integrate SAP and Microsoft

Scenarios with SAP and Power Platform

| Ronald Knienieder |

Episode #131

Different use-cases on Power Platform and SAP

Events from SAP to Azure

| Karsten Strothmann |

Episode #130

All about Event Driven Architectures and the integration of SAP Event Mesh and Azure Event Grid.

Leveraging Power Automate in our team

| Martin Pankraz |

Episode #96

The one with Private Link

| Martin Pankraz |

Episode #51

The One with Principle Propagation

| Martin Raepple |

Episode #31

The One with Logic Apps

| David Burg |

Episode #24

The One with the Australian Partner Hackathon

| Etienne Dittrich, Leon Davis |

Episode #21

The One with Even more Integration

| Bartosz Jarkowski |

Episode #13

The One with the First Integration Demo

| Martin Pankraz |

Episode #10