Chatting with your SAP System

| Trond Stroemme |

Episode #193

Chatting with the Azure Center for SAP Solutions

SAP on Azure Technical Copilot

| Amit Lal |

Episode #185

Getting started with SAP on Azure Technical Copilot on the OpenAI GPT Store

Combining Copilot Studio, Azure OpenAI and SAP OData Connector

| Michael Mergell |

Episode #176

Learning more about Copilot Studio, Azure OpenAI, SAP OData Connector and Teams

Moving to Flexible Virtual Machine Scale Set

| Goran Condric |

Episode #175

Looking at scenarios for moving your SAP Systems to Flexible Virtual Machines Scale Set

Extending SAP Digital Manufacturing with Azure

| Martin Raepple | Bastian Ulke |

Episode #174

Creating a reference architecture to extend SAP Digital Manufacturing with Azure services

Enterprise controls in AI SDK

| Gopal Nais |

Episode #169

Looking at Enterprise controls in the AI SDK for ABAP

Gen AI with SAP CAP

| David Kunz |

Episode #167

Showing the power of Generative AI with SAP CAP

Updates to Master Data from Teams @ Mars

| Steve Curtis |

Episode #164

MDM Chatbot in Teams that allows mass updates to Master Data in SAP MDG using MS Teams

Developing with the AI SDK for SAP

| Gopal Nair |

Episode #162

Episode 2 of the AI SDK for SAP. This time we create an ABAP programing using the AI SDK for ABAP

Even more Teams, SAP and AI

| Chan Jin Park |

Episode #161

Even more scenarios with Teams, SAP and AI

SAP, Teams, Power and AI - Internship @ Microsoft

| Noopur Vaishnav |

Episode #157

Interns at Microsoft, working with Power Virtual Agent, Teams and Azure OpenAI.


| Gopal Nair |

Episode #156

Introducing the AI SDK for ABAP

Private Link and Azure OpenAI

| Harutyun Ter-Minasyan | Martin Pankraz |

Episode #153

SAP Private Link Services with Azure OpenAI

SAP, Azure Open AI and Power Virtual Agent

| Michael Mergell |

Episode #149

The power of prompt engineering together with SAP